Cult Beauty Bronzer, that Can’t be Beaten – Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder

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Nars’ bronzer in the ‘Laguna’ shade has become quite notorious, not undeservedly, which I didn’t realise when I first bought it as a bronzer beginner.

Effect on Skin: One of the keys to this bronzer’s popularity has to be the fine balance Nars has managed to strike between shimmer and matte. If, like me, your bronzing needs are strictly related to contouring, it is ideal. It has a light shimmer to it which makes it adapt to the light well and is matte enough to be very effective when shading. If shimmer is your thing though, this isn’t the bronzer for you, it’s not built for heavy impact.

Consistency and Coverage: This product comes in powder form. It’s not a dense powder which means that if you tend to go heavy on your bronzer or are after a dramatic contouring effect, it may take a few brushes however on the upside, it builds up very well. On first application, it brushes on quite light which is great if you’re just hoping to give yourself a little tint and also works effectively in catering to light as well as darker skin tones.

Skin Types: Since it comes in a powder, it is unlikely to cause breakouts or reactions although every skin is different, of course. Dry skinned girls, especially if you’re in a colder, dryer climate, this probably isn’t the ideal product. That’s not a fault of the product itself but simply that I’ve always found that a powder product on dry skin tends to be money down the drain.

Longevity: In warmer climates or on oilier/normal skin types, it does a good job, longevity wise. I tend to only bother contouring for night engagements or special occasions and so far I find that it holds up pretty well. And if you’ve built it up little, it can go all day. Dryer skin types, I make no promises on longevity, you’ve been warned.

Application: A normal bronzer brush will do the job, I find The Body Shop does great bronzer/blusher brushes if you don’t want to break the bank. Nars does have its own range of brushes in the £40 price range, give or take. Also, if contouring is your aim and you’ve got the spending ability, try and get your hands on their Artisan brush, it’s so perfect, you’ll cry.

Colour Range: If I had a criticism, I would point out that Nars do not provide a super extensive colour range which is something I’ve come to expect from them. The bronzer comes in three shades which since I, like many, possess an indeterminate, middling skin tone made me suspicious when I was trying it out at the department store.

I can only speak for the ‘Laguna’ shade but it is so versatile and I’ve seen so many women of such different skin tones admit to owning and loving it, it’s not really a surprise it’s a bestseller. If the other two shades (‘Casino’ and ‘Irresistiblement’) are as versatile, the limited colour range can’t really be held against it.

Price: The bronzer currently retails at £26.50 (on their website), although some retailers may sell it around £28. Compared to other brands and for what it does, I found it quite a reasonable price.

Packaging: I did a little reading around before I started writing this post and apparently people have a real problem with Nars’ rubber encasing. It seems it’s difficult to keep clean. I can see that that would be an issue but as it’s not really something that concerns me, I’ve never had a problem with the packaging. I’m a very clumsy person so if my packaging gives my fingers a little extra grip, I’m happy. It also comes with a little mirror which is great for checking/touching up and it’s built so that it can easily go into a clutch, handbag or for any sort of travelling.

Overall: This is a very versatile bronzer, especially ideal for contouring but perhaps not what you’re looking for if you want big impact or have quite dry skin.

By Shafaq

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