Cult Classic Facial Scrub that Lives up to its Hype…St.Ives Apricot Scrub


It doesn’t matter how many other scrubs I try, I always end up coming back to St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It gives my skin a healthy glow and leaves it feeling irresistibly soft. Even super model Naomi Campbell swears by it.

Consistency: This scrub is a thin to medium consistency with the perfect amount of beads in order to scrub your face effectively.

Application: The most effective way to use this product is to squirt a little on your fingertips, whilst in the shower, and rub in circular motions around your face.

Not only does this product exfoliate my skin it has also helped to reduce my blackheads. I would not recommend using this product daily, due to the size of the beads. How often you exfoliate depends on your skin type. If you have normal skin you will be able to get away with exfoliating once a week. For all other skin types it is recommended to exfoliate twice a week.

Effect on skin: I have tried various face scrubs and this is by far my favourite. I wanted an exfoliator that was cost-effective but which gave my face a fresh, bright glow. After the first day of using this product my skin felt soft and my face looked radiant. A lot of facial scrubs tend to dry out the skin, however this scrub left my face feeling extremely nourished and smooth, even before I applied my moisturiser. This scrub also gives the added pleasure of smelling nice.

The thing I love about this face scrub is that it contains a lot of beads, so you are not obligated to use huge amounts of the product in order to deeply scrub your entire face. The size of the beads are big enough to deeply remove the dirt from your skin, however the beads
are not rough on your face, so they do not irritate or cause any damage to the skin.

Skin types: I like how St Ives caters for various skin types. They have created a separate face scrubs to meet the needs of different skin types.

Unisex: Although most face scrubs are aimed at woman. I believe this scrub would be ideal for both men and women. The size of the beads would be ideal to exfoliate a man’s skin; therefore I would not limit this face scrub to women.

Ingredients: St Ives is paraben free and sulfate free, which is something that initially attracted me to this face scrub. It also contains more than 90% naturally derived ingredients.
Price: A tube of St Ives is a bargain at around £4.

Tip: Head to Superdrug, where it is usually always on offer.

Packaging: The scrub comes in a medium sized bottle that sits upright so you can leave it in the shower. This tube is the perfect size, very light, to pack in my suitcase in order to use when I am travelling.

Overall: Overall I truly believe this product is value for money. It is everything you could want in exfoliator it smooths and freshens your skin, preventing spots and leaving you with healthy looking skin.

By Trecina


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