Does What it Says on the Tin – MAC Cremeblend Blush


A blusher that never did anything wrong! This the nicest thing I have to say. A review I feel really bad for writing, because it never gave up on me but I gave up on it.

Effect on Skin: One of my enduring issues with this blusher is that I’m always looking for things that offer a little shimmer. My skin could always do with extra glow, these blushers do not come in a shimmer option. They are pure colour so they will give you a nice flush if that’s all you’re looking for.

Consistency: Consistency is my biggest issue I think, it is also the root of all the other problems. I always found it very sticky and thick. That might fare better in a warmer climate but in my colder, dryer surroundings, it wasn’t the best. Because of this, it collects dust and I found myself having to clean over the surface from time to time.

Coverage: Once it’s on, you get nice coverage. Because it’s so thick, it’s very pigmented so a little will go a long way.

Skin Types: I have dry skin, which is really what cream blushers are for. Dry skin doesn’t really react to much, it just ages quicker. I would never recommend cream anything to people with oily or sensitive skin (especially when you have so many more options with powders) but having done a little reading around, I haven’t yet come across a review where someone complained of a reaction.

Longevity: Probably due to its thickness in consistency, this blusher has longevity locked in. Considering how little product you actually have to use to get the desired effect, its staying power is a big plus.

Application: Sticking points, sticking points. Pun not intended but very applicable. Application is a big problem and considering how I struggled with this, I’m still not sure why I went on for so long. I used to use my fingers and trying to use your fingers to blend on dry skin is never the recommended option. This process was made especially difficult by the stickiness and thickness. By the time I was done, I wasn’t sure if what I was looking at was the blusher or the blood that had rushed to the surface after I’d sandpapered my cheeks for five minutes. Its easier with a brush but still not ideal as, because of the richness of the pigment, it is so easy to overdo.

Colour Range: Colour range doesn’t tend to be an issue with MAC and it’s no different here. They have 5 colours to choose from (I always used Posey), I think you could find your match pretty easily.

Price: The website has got it at £18, it’s not terribly expensive but it’s not a great bargain either considering I only ever considered it fairly competent.

Packaging: The packaging is MAC’s standard packaging for this type of product. It’s hardy and compact, the only very small issue is that the clear plastic centre can come out every so often but it clicks back in easily and it will only ever fall inwards so you can’t lose it even if it does come out.

Overall: I have ended up sounding harsher than I really wanted to because as I said in the opener, it never did anything wrong. It said it was a cream blusher and it was creamy and it provided colour for my cheeks. I just feel that while your cream/gel options are not extensive, there are definitely more impressive products on the market. This is not an exciting product but it is reliable and long lasting and it does what it says on the tin and never hurt my feelings or started acting distant. Eventually though, I got out and it’s been better that way.

By Shafaq

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