The Only Way to Combat Dry Hands…Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector


No other hand cream can combat dry skin and restore moisture quite like The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector. There is nothing worse than dry and cracked skin on your hands, especially in winter.

Moisturising: I found that no matter how many creams I tried, nothing could relieve the dry and chapped skin on my hands this winter. Until, by chance I stumbled across The Body Shop’s hemp hand cream. The hemp oil really penetrates your skin relieving dryness and restoring moisture to even the driest of hands, leaving them soft and supple.

The hand cream creates a protective barrier around your skin, locking in moisturising and protecting it against all the elements. If you allow the hand cream to settle into your skin for a minute, the protective barrier will last for a good couple of hours.

Ingredients:  Body Shop’s hemp hand cream has been dermalogically tested for very dry skin. As per the name you probably have guessed that the main ingredient is hemp seed oil. Yes, hemp is a variant of the cannabis plant but, don’t worry the fragrance leaves little to be desired and will definitely not make you high.

The hemp hand cream is not fragranced. The smell isn’t unpleasant, but don’t expect this hand cream to leave your hands with a sweet floral scent. However, this does mean that it won’t irritate those of you with sensitive skin.

Another reason to buy this hand cream is that The Body Shop only uses Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil. It feels good to know you are helping to small scale family farmers and getting a great product at the same time.


Consistency: The hemp hand cream has a thick and creamy consistency, which makes it slightly harder to spread. All this means, is that you will need an extra few seconds when applying the hand cream to really work it around the your hands.  

Price: This hand cream is only available at The Body Shop, it comes in two sizes. It is £5 for the 30ml and £10 for the 100ml. It is slightly more expensive than your standard hand creams you can pick up in boots, but for the quality of the ingredients it is worth it

The hand cream is such an effective moisturiser that you end up using it less often than you would a standard hand cream, so one tube will last you months.

Tip: The Body Shop always has great offers on. You can usually pick up the 100ml tube for half the price (£5), when it’s on offer.

Packaging:  I am a sucker for packaging. So I love that the quirky tube the hand cream comes in. It can only be described as being similar to those squeezy paint tubes used by artists.

Overall: In my opinion there is no other hand cream on the market that can even compare to The Body Shop’s Hemp hand cream’s ability to relieve dry skin and lock in moisture.

By Shivani

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