Top 5 Beauty Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

1. Electric blue eyes – Most of us will remember blue eye shadow with embarrassment from our first preteen foray into makeup. But, blue is back and it is the colour of the season. From Marc Jacobs to Anna Sui, all the major runways saw their models adorning their eyes with bold blue hues.


2. Graphic eyeliner – The feline flick never goes out of fashion. But, this season the classic flick has a new twist. Rebellious, straight and angular flicks exaggerated for extra dramatic effect.


3. Golden glow – Warm apricot hues for healthy glows, perfect for tanned summer skin. Look no further than Dona Karen for a master class in achieving that golden glow this season.


4. Bold lips – This trend isn’t for the fainthearted. Both New York and London Fashion Week saw bright orange lips taking centre stage.


5. Barefaced beauty – Finally a trend that we lazy girls can capitalise on. The barefaced looks focused on the models natural beauty. Their makeup was kept to a minimum with just a touch of concealer, powder and nude lips.


By Shivani

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