Eyeliner that is Actually WATER-RESISTANT …Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

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Bobbi Brown started a revolution when she brought out the original Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. Ever since then every major beauty brand has been clamouring to replicate her success from MAC to Maybelline, but none to quite the same effect.

Effect on eyes: Bobbi Brown’s long wear gel eyeliner is very versatile. Generally, gel eyeliner is softer than a liquid liner, but more intense than pencil. But, you can play around with its application. You can apply it lightly for a softer pencil effect or you can build it for the look of a liquid liner.

Consistency: The gel eyeliner has a creamy consistency. This helps it settle onto your skin and lash line, without causing an irritation

Application: It can take a bit of time to master the art of applying gel eyeliner, but it is easier to apply than liquid liner. The creamy consistency makes it easier to control and correct any mistakes.

To apply the gel eyeliner you will need a specific eyeliner brush (see price section for more detail). Applying gel eyeliner is like painting. You just dip the brush in the pot, wipe the excess off and then off you go.

Tip: It is a good idea to screw the top back onto the pot as soon as you have extracted the amount of the product you need. This prevents the gel eyeliner from drying out and increases its shelf life.

Tip: Apply the gel eyeliner to your lash line on your lower eyelids, rather than on the inside of your eyes.

Longevity: Typically, pencil eyeliner will not last on my oily eyelids for more than 2 -3 hours. But, Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner lasts me through coffee to cocktails, well over 10 hours. It is longwearing, transfer resistant and water resistant. You could even wear it to the gym!

Bobbi Brown’s long wear gel eyeliner wears with a slight amount of smudging, which is to be expected with any eyeliner.

Tip: To make your eyeliner last an extra few hours apply an eye shadow primer (e.g. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion) or a neutral eye shadow as a base, before applying the gel eyeliner.

Colours: Bobbi Brown has a wide range of shades available in their long wear gel eyeliner, to suit everyone. My personal favourites are Black Ink for the blackest of blacks and Espresso Ink for a softer brown.

Price: Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner retails at £17.50. But, you will also need to buy an eyeliner brush to apply the gel eyeliner. Bobbi Brown sell their own ultra-fine eyeliner brush for an extra £17.50. But, you can easily find similar eyeliner brushes in Boots for under £10.

Packaging: Bobbi Brown’s long wear gel eyeliner comes in small pot with a screw on top. It is small and travel friendly. But, the application process can get messy when applying on the go, which isn’t ideal.

Overall: I have tried every type of eyeliner out there and nothing can live up to the longevity of Bobbi Brown’s long wear gel eyeliner.

By Shivani

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