Top 15 Reasons why Vaseline is your Secret Beauty Weapon


Vaseline is a beauty staple in every household, but most of the time it isn’t being used to its full potential. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to supermodel Tyra Banks all claim that Vaseline is one of their biggest beauty secrets.

1.Lip balm – An age old classic for chapped lips. Vaseline creates a protective barrier around your lips to maintain their moisture.

Tip: Avoid wearing Vaseline in high temperature/sun exposure as it can fry your lips.

2. Moisturiser – Especially for those dry patches you have on your elbows and feet. Vaseline locks in moisture to give you baby soft skin.

3.Make –up remover – Not only can Vaseline be used as an all-over make up remover, it also gets rid of tough waterproof mascara.

Warning: Try a test patch before applying to your face. For some skin types Vaseline can clog pores leading to breakouts.

4. DIY scrub – Mix Vaseline with sea salts to create your own scrub to use on your body , face and lips.

5. Split end sealant – Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline to your split ends to tame and moisturise them in between trims.

6. Grow Eyelashes – Apply a light layer of Vaseline to your eyelashes before you sleep to thicken and lengthen your lashes.

7. Tame unruly eyebrows – Dabbing a small amount of Vaseline on your eyebrows will help smooth and tame them into shape.

8. Prevent hair dye stains – When dying your hair apply Vaseline around your hair line, to prevent the dye from staining your skin.

9. Stop Nail Polish Lids from Sticking – Coat the neck of your nail polishes with Vaseline to prevent the nail polish cap from getting stuck.

10. Strengthen Nails – Coating your nails with a thin layer of Vaseline helps to strengthen nails, make them more resilient and soften your cuticles.

Tip: It can even help refresh a week old layer of nail polish that has lost its shine.

11. Remove false eyelash glue – Use Vaseline to remove flash eyelash glue from the lash line, without pulling at your eyelash hairs.

12. Soother after hair removal– Apply after hair removal to soothe skin and prevent irritation.

13. Increase longevity of perfume – If you dab Vaseline on your pulse points (e.g. neck and wrists), it helps to hold the scent of your perfume for longer.

14. Anti-Wrinkle cream – Before you sleep apply around your eyes to prevent wrinkles.

This trick is used by Jennifer Anniston.

15. Highlighter – Apply to cheekbones and above the eye area as a highlighter.

Above are only some of the many uses of Vaseline. There are so many other uses from polishing shoes to removing stains.

By Shivani

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