The best mascara you will ever use…Benefit They’re Real


The power of a good mascara should never be underestimated. It can open up your eyes, instantly making you look more awake.

There is a reason why Benefit’s They’re Real mascara is the No.1 one bestselling mascara in the UK and has won countless awards.  It makes your eyelashes reach new lengths that you never thought could be achieved without fake lashes.

Effect: Benefits’ They’re Real mascara does everything you want in a mascara. It lifts, lengthens, separates and volumises.  The mascara defines each one of your lashes, which adds to its lengthening effects.

Colour: The mascara is only available in the blackest of black.

Longevity:  As I have quite oily eyelids I was surprised that the mascara was very long lasting and hardly smudges throughout the day.

With other mascara’s I usually find that my eyelashes start to lose their lift later in the day. But, with Benefit’s They’re Real mascara my eyelashes looked just as they did at the start of the day, at the end of the end.

Application: Apply the mascara from base to tip, wiggling it from to side to separate the lashes. To get the best out of this mascara you have to apply several layers. This may sound time consuming especially in the mornings when you are in rush to leave the house. But, the end result makes it worth it!

Tip: I find that using eyelash curlers before you apply mascara gives your lashes added lift and length.

Consistency: I like that the mascara has quite a light, but not a runny consistency. It isn’t thick, so it doesn’t clump around the brush. Even after applying several layers of the mascara it doesn’t feel heavy or thick on your eyelashes.

Packaging: The mascara comes in a sleek silver tube. The cap is secure and the mascara doesn’t clump around the top which is a personal pet hate.

The brush is made out of rubbery material, which at first I was a bit apprehensive about. However, this means that the mascara doesn’t clump or get caught in the brushes bristles.

Price: The mascara has a pretty hefty price tag of £19.50. I usually don’t like to spend more than £10 on mascara, as I go through them so quickly. But, once you try this mascara you will be hooked.

Overall: I have tried so many mascaras from high end brands to drugstore ones. But, nothing can beat the longevity, lengthening, lifting, and volumising powers of Benefits They’re Real mascara.

By Shivani

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